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Surprisingly, Chrysler did not start out as a car company. You see, Walter Chrysler was president of the Maxwell Motor Company in 1922 when the first model bearing his last name was produced. It was only following a company reorganization in 1925 that the Chrysler name became the company's name as well -- and so history is made, by luck and seemingly insignificant moments.

The marque has long been looked to as a paragon of engineering excellence, with buyers showing tremendous loyalty that's been rewarded by such innovative models as the Chrysler 300 sedan and the Chrysler Pacifica minivan.

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Like any automobile, though, eventually your Chrysler model may show signs of wear--and-tear. Common problems include infotainment system issues, transmission trouble, or even engine difficulties. Fixing these as soon as possible is not only recommended, but also the smart move -- especially when you use the authentic parts and accessories that Chrysler designed specifically for your model.

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