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With more than a century's worth of automotive excellence behind it, the Dodge name has represented the powerhouse driving experience enthusiasts admire -- and enjoy. That's been true since Dodge brothers John Francis and Horace Elgin first opened their machine shop in 1900. Going from manufacturing components for other automakers to their own line of vehicles in less than 15 years, they build a tradition that still remains proud to this very day.

While Dodge is synonymous with performance models like the Charger and Challenger, the company has never ignored the trends of the day. That's why there's a Dodge model for nearly anyone, including those seeking minivans like the Grand Caravan or SUVs such as the Durango. Throughout it all, the company's heritage carries through down to the smallest detail.

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Of course, that doesn’t mean that your Dodge won't eventually have some problems crop up. Whether due to excessive wear and tear or the inevitable toll of age, parts can fail, crack, or rust. That's when you want to turn to a reliable source for your replacement parts and accessories. That's us.

You see, we only sell the authentic parts and accessories that were designed and made by Dodge, and for your model. No cheap knockoffs, and no gouging prices either! Whether you're searching for a href="/brake-pads">brake pads, oil filters, timing belts, or shift knobs, you'll find exactly what you need in our online parts inventory. Even better, we sell those parts and accessories at a steep discount to the retail prices you'll be charged elsewhere -- even at your local dealership! Since the parts we sell are guaranteed compatible, you're able to shop with full confidence. Need help? Contact us and one of our Dodge parts experts will be glad to help. Once your order's complete, check out and we'll take care of getting it shipped right to your home!