Jeep Grand Cherokee Parts and Accessories

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While the Grand Cherokee was initially a 1983 Jeep special project, it didn't become a reality until its introduction in 1993. Production of the large SUV has continued unceased since, with amenities only improving across five generations.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Features

Those have included:

  • An engine range that includes V6, V8, HEMI, and diesel options
  • Manual or automatic transmissions
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels
  • Heated side mirrors
  • Four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes
  • Power liftgate
  • Touchscreen multimedia system
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Dual-zone automatic climate control
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Heated leather-trimmed seats
  • Park Assist
  • Lane-keeping assist
  • And much more!
  • Common Jeep Grand Cherokee Problems

    Over more than three decades, owners have noted shared concerns with their SUVs. Those issues have included:

  • The "Check Engine" light coming on due to the thermostat not closing fully
  • AC inconsistencies caused by temperature blend and recirculation doors failing
  • Wireless control module lockup causing the engine to not start
  • Warped brake rotors producing brake pulsations
  • "Service 4WD System" warning light coming on erroneously
  • Leaking transfer case and differential pinion seals
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